Children's Book "Bruxa Biruta e a Cadeira Fajuta"

"Ela faz feitiços e cria cremes para aumentar a sua verruga. Um belo dia, em seu jardim, não teve outra maneira: decidiu que era hora de comprar uma nova cadeira. Mas o que parecia ser uma simples missão, acabou virando uma grande confusão! Descubra o que aconteceu nessa história maluca e divirta-se com a Bruxa Biruta e a cadeira fajuta!"

"She casts spells and creates creams to enlarge her wart. One fine day, in her garden, she had no choice: she decided it was time to buy a new chair. But what seemed to be a simple mission turned out to be a big mess! Find out what happened in this crazy story and have fun with the Crazy Witch and the fake chair!"

This amusing story was told by the author to her children for years, even before she decided to turn it into a book. The story of a witch and her search for the perfect chair makes her discover a multitude of options. 

The story is written by Ana Paula Etienne, writter from Brazil. The project is published by Editora Inverso.

It was fun to explore the different chairs in the story, and the chosen technique was watercolor, using a setting and palette inspired by a style referring to a period in history.

All illustrations were done in watercolors and colored pencils

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