Children's Book "Medo do Escuro"

"When night comes, the boy

don't want to play anymore.

He's afraid of the dark!

But is the darkness so scary?"

"Quando a noite chega, o menino

não quer mais brincar.

Ele tem medo do escuro!

Mas será que a escuridão é

tão assustadora assim?"

This was the synopsis of the second edition of the book "Medo do Escuro" by Casa dos Mundos - Leya.

The story is written by Mabel Velloso, teacher and educator from Brazil.


I tried throughout the illustrations to show the process of fear and the subsequent enchantment by the unknown - the dark. 

As well as poetry, from a certain point in history, I sought to metaphorically convey the encounter with the universe and all its beauty.


All illustrations were done in digital painting

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